New Paintstation


Last weekend I moved to my new apartment and bought a secretaire as my paintstation. So I can hide my figures, paintings and the rest so it looks more tidy.

In the shelfs I can store some of my stuff like my bit-box, foundation sprays and stuff like that.

The frog pictures are there because I haven’t pinned them on the wall yet. I need a new lamp, that can be hide in the secretaire, too. Maybe you have a tip for me.

I started to paint three Palatine Blades and one Phoenix Terminator today. I painted Leadbelcher on th swords and Mechanicus Standard Grey on the shoulder pads and the clothes. After this I mixed White Scar with Lahmian Medium and layered it on the grey foundation. Four layers of it and the white is perfect. I finished the white on the shoulder pads today.


1850 Points Maru Skara

Hello, I will try to play a few games in the next weeks and created this army. I have never played 30k high in this points and remember, that at 1k points I am loosing cause of the numbers of  my troops. Are four units (Palatines as well) to few? What can I buy in the future to make the army more efficient. 

But I will only buy more after the rest is painted. 😉

+++ 1850 – HH (1850pts) +++

++ Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (Age of Darkness) (1850pts) ++

+ HQ (365pts) +

Legion Centurion (160pts) [Artificer Armour, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Refractor Field, Sonic Shrieker]
Consul [Legion Champion]

Lord Commander Eidolon (205pts) [Jump Pack]
Master of the Legion [The Maru Skara]

+ Troops (605pts) +

Legion Assault Squad (255pts) [9x Legion Assault Space Marines]
Legion Assault Sergeant [Melta Bombs]

Legion Tactical Squad (175pts) [9x Legion Tactical Space Marines, Take an additional Chainsword or Combat Blade]
Legion Tactical Sergeant [Melta Bombs]

Legion Tactical Squad (175pts) [9x Legion Tactical Space Marines, Take an additional Chainsword or Combat Blade]
Legion Tactical Sergeant [Melta Bombs]

+ Elites (405pts) +

Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought (180pts) [Two Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons]

Palatine Blade Squad (225pts) [Jump packs, 4x Palatine Warrior, 4x Power Sword, Sonic Shriekers]
Palatine Prefector [Melta Bombs, Power Sword]

+ Fast Attack (245pts) +

Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron (105pts)
Legion Javelin Attack Speeder [2x Hunter-killer Missiles, Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon]

Legion Land Speeder Squadron (75pts)
Legion Land Speeder [Graviton Gun, Multi-melta]

Legion Land Speeder Squadron (65pts)
Legion Land Speeder [Heavy Bolter]

+ Heavy Support (230pts) +

Legion Fire Raptor Gunship (230pts) [Four Hellstrike Missiles, Reaper Autocannon battery]

+ Legion +

Legion Astartes [III: Emperor’s Children]

Created with BattleScribe (

Landspeeder 1 – WIP

Today I started to paint one of the bigger models in my army. This is one of my two landspeeders. As you can see the crew is missing. I will add them tomorrow after I painted the parts. 

I added some battle damage to give him a more realistic look. Do you have some others ideas to paint battle damage than brush Necron Compound on the edges or paint Abaddon Black with a sponge?

First Tactical Squad


I finished my first tactical squad. It’s lead by Sergeant Lydus Perperna.

First Tactical Squad

I will try to finish the second one this week! Just need to glue the swords, pistols and grenades on them first. Will do that on Wednesday. Keep you posted.

Zone Mortalis


I started to built a Zone Mortalis Game Board. When the board is finished I hope to play many games on in, both normal and Kill Team. I found some really funny rules for that.

The first rule for normal games is, that you have only numbered markers you move around and these markers maybe represent one of your units. Maybe because each player has about three false markers to fool the enemy. This represents the augury scanner points. After one marker is in line of sight of another marker or already revealed unit the marker is removed and the unit that belongs to it is placed.

Some of the other rules I am going to explain when we start to play games.

I cut 60×125 cm (don’t know the measure in zoll) into 30x30cm (about 12″x12″) pieces. On these pieces I marked a raster of 6cm for placing the walls in the second and fourth space. This will make sure, that I can rearrange the pieces and they still will fit.

The walls are 6cm high. Its high enough to make sure that these are walls, but not so high, that you can’t move the models normally.


Here is my Zone Mortalis in its current stadium:


I want 3 small rooms, one with only one entrance (top left), one with two in opposite directions (middle left) and one with two near to each other. The high room where you can read “Ursa” is going to be a hangar room for airplanes or other stuff. The black columns are out of the mines of moria set of Lord of the Rings. If you have some left, please send me a message. They are 6cm high and are going to be look great on this board. (and they are movable)

I am going to glue the walls on their plates and paint the whole thing black. After this I am going to brush silver over it. It has a structure that will come out with this. After this is done the plate will be playable. Hopefully we have some testing games then. The next step will be adding some interior, details and stuff.

The price for 10 60×125 plates was about 60€, but I have left 6 at the moment. Maybe some more small Zone Mortalis plates will be created or a city plate. But first, this plate is my big project.

New website – new start

Hello Readers,

I started this website, because i want to publish all my stuff concerning my Emperor’s Children in Warhammer 30k and 40k. I have another website, where I wrote in German, but I think in English I will get more people on my reading and commenting my stuff.

I feel sorry for my hopefully not so bad English, but I think you can forgive me about that.


I have about 7k points of Chaos Space Marines (Emperor’s Children of course) in 40k, and about 2k points of Emperor’s Children in 30k.

In the next few days or weeks I am going to make a photo of my 40k army.

Here is my 30k Army (Fulgrim and his Phoenix Terminators are missing. Please wait for a full army photo. The Fire Raptor is WIP but has the colors of my 40k army at the moment)


More than 50% of my 40k Army is painted and I started to paint my 30k army a few weeks ago, but I had little time then, so the painting progress is coming.

At the moment I have a finished Contemptor, one Centurion and 13 Tactical Marines. (Some of the Marines needs to be based and named)

I will give you at least one post per week, but I will try to post every time I finished a model or a group of.