New website – new start

Hello Readers,

I started this website, because i want to publish all my stuff concerning my Emperor’s Children in Warhammer 30k and 40k. I have another website, where I wrote in German, but I think in English I will get more people on my reading and commenting my stuff.

I feel sorry for my hopefully not so bad English, but I think you can forgive me about that.


I have about 7k points of Chaos Space Marines (Emperor’s Children of course) in 40k, and about 2k points of Emperor’s Children in 30k.

In the next few days or weeks I am going to make a photo of my 40k army.

Here is my 30k Army (Fulgrim and his Phoenix Terminators are missing. Please wait for a full army photo. The Fire Raptor is WIP but has the colors of my 40k army at the moment)


More than 50% of my 40k Army is painted and I started to paint my 30k army a few weeks ago, but I had little time then, so the painting progress is coming.

At the moment I have a finished Contemptor, one Centurion and 13 Tactical Marines. (Some of the Marines needs to be based and named)

I will give you at least one post per week, but I will try to post every time I finished a model or a group of.


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