My complete EC Horus Heresy army!


Today I placed all of my HH Marines on a table and took some pictures. 

Together they are about 6000 points worth. Some of them are painted, some needs an other base color, some are in the painting process and some are just primed. But have a look!

I am thinking about reprinting my unfinished Fire Raptor to match the other colours. But this will be the last thing on the list. 


Something big is coming!


In the next few days I will present you a photo of my whole army!

Till then I will build a ten men Legion Breacher Squad and two five men magnetized support squads. 

Then I will build some sergeants with different equipment to fit in all units. 

I ordered some already painted minis which will arrive later this week I hope. 

Here’s a preview of my Legion Breacher Squad:

What equipment should I give my sergeants? I don’t have Phoenix Spears, so them are not available. ;(