Some more WIP (Knight 1)


I want to share some pics of my first Knight (WIP). 

Only so much litte gold dots need to be painted. Then the mask, and one weapon arm. 

Some small stuff like the helmet and the banner between his legs are missing now. 

Afterwards I will attack the decals and add some battle damage.
It fells he will look great. But I still need a good name for him. I am thinking about naming my three something like Knights Fulgrims Wrath, Vengeful Phoenix, Fulgrims Pride. 


Painting one Imperial Knight


A long time passed since my latest post. I am sorry about that. I started to paint a bit every evening now. Sometimes only a few minutes, today I want to finish these parts of one of mine Imperial Knights this weekend.

I will add decals later. Because I have never done it before I will get some help with it in my local GW.