Painting Challenge 2017 (P250)


I joined a painting challenge on Facebook this month. The challenge is to paint about 250 points per month, starting officially in April, but we can start in march. So here is my painting challenge, to get my Emperors Children army finished. If one block is finished earlier we can start the next. But i think I will paint some other stuff like in the last photo that didn’t get a place. I don’t know when the challenge ends, so I put Fulgrim in the end in October when maybe his Primarch Novel will be released based on rumours.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used the base points of a unit to calculate the points of one block. If there are for example three models out of a base of five in a group I multiplied the base points by 3/5.

Heres a Checklist (To-Do list):

  • 2 Heavy Support Squad (270)
  • 4 Phoenix Terminators + 2 Palatine Blades (266)
  • 5 Palatine Blades + Attack Land Speeder + Consul + 2 Marines (267)
  • Breacher Squad + 3 Tactical Support Marines (285)
  • Praetor + Landspeeder + 4 Heavy Support Marines (248)
  • Fulgrim (380)

And some not included in the pictures:

  • 5 Palatine Blades (Spears)
  • Assault Squad (10 Marines)
  • Some Random guys that still need paint

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