Painting Challenge 2017 (P250)


I joined a painting challenge on Facebook this month. The challenge is to paint about 250 points per month, starting officially in April, but we can start in march. So here is my painting challenge, to get my Emperors Children army finished. If one block is finished earlier we can start the next. But i think I will paint some other stuff like in the last photo that didn’t get a place. I don’t know when the challenge ends, so I put Fulgrim in the end in October when maybe his Primarch Novel will be released based on rumours.


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I used the base points of a unit to calculate the points of one block. If there are for example three models out of a base of five in a group I multiplied the base points by 3/5.

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What I still need to paint


I have way too much minis unpainted. But nearly all of them are build.

Here is my To-Do List in the actual order I am going to paint them:



  1. Hellflayer of Slaanesh (1) – WIP
  2. Seekers of Slaanesh (5) – WIP
  3. Keeper of Secrets

Horus Heresy 

  1. Eidolon – WIP
  2. Phoenix Terminatoren (4)
  3. Paladine Blades (7)
  4. Plasma (5)
  5. Flamer (5)
  6. Melter (7)
  7. Breacher (10)
  8. Sergeants (3)
  9. Raketen (10)
  10. Landspeeder
  11. Assault Landspeeder
  12. Fire Raptor
  13. Fulgrim
  14. some HQs (6) – 2 WIP
  15. Raketen (10)
  16. Hathor Maat (Librarian)

Imperial Knights

  1. Phoenix’ Pride
  2. Flame of the Phoenix

Warhammer 40k:

  1. Warhound Titan (one Weapon) – WIP
  2. Fabius Bile
  3. Raptors (2×5)
  4. Geissel
  5. Landraider
  6. Terminators (2×5)
  7. 2 Chaosbruten
  8. some Marines (10)
  9. 3 Kyborgs
  10. many many cultists

My complete EC Horus Heresy army!


Today I placed all of my HH Marines on a table and took some pictures. 

Together they are about 6000 points worth. Some of them are painted, some needs an other base color, some are in the painting process and some are just primed. But have a look!

I am thinking about reprinting my unfinished Fire Raptor to match the other colours. But this will be the last thing on the list. 

Something big is coming!


In the next few days I will present you a photo of my whole army!

Till then I will build a ten men Legion Breacher Squad and two five men magnetized support squads. 

Then I will build some sergeants with different equipment to fit in all units. 

I ordered some already painted minis which will arrive later this week I hope. 

Here’s a preview of my Legion Breacher Squad:

What equipment should I give my sergeants? I don’t have Phoenix Spears, so them are not available. ;(

Progress on my Seekers of Slaanesh


Nearly as promised I started my Seekers but haven’t finished them yet. At the moment the Skin is done but the rest not. 

I drilled holes in the settles of the Seekers and in the butt of the daemonettes to glue small magnets in the hole. With these magnets the daemonettes won’t fall off during a game. 
Here are two pics:

Heavy Support and some new HQs


I have some Updates (new Units) for my Horus Heresy army. It is a Heavy Support Squad with 9 rocket launchers, a Legion Champion and a Master of Signal.

I built them today, undercoated them with Chaos Black Spray and give them the first layer of Xereus Purple.

At Saturday I will have a game and are going to try the 9 men squad with my Master of Signal to boost them to BS5. I dont know the points yet, but I think it will be 2500 pts. I will do my best to write a battlereport for you with many pictures. It will be posted here: My army list


First big game (2500 points)


I am going to have my first big game. Here is my list:

Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (Age of Darkness) (2500pts)

  • HQ (320pts)

    • Legion Centurion (115pts)

      Artificer Armour, Refractor Field

      • Consul

        Master of Signal

    • Lord Commander Eidolon (205pts)

      Jump Pack

      • Master of the Legion

        3rd Company Elite

  • Troops (1035pts)

    • Legion Assault Squad (185pts)

      9x Legion Assault Space Marines

      • Legion Assault Sergeant

        Artificer Armour

    • Legion Tactical Squad (265pts)

      19x Legion Tactical Space Marines, Take an additional Chainsword or Combat Blade

    • The Kakophani of the Emperor’s Children (195pts)

      6x Chora

      • Orchestrator

        Artificer Armour

    • The Kakophani of the Emperor’s Children (195pts)

      6x Chora

      • Orchestrator

        Artificer Armour

    • The Kakophani of the Emperor’s Children (195pts)

      6x Chora

      • Orchestrator

        Artificer Armour

  • Elites (400pts)

    • Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought (180pts)

      Two Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons

    • Palatine Blade Squad (220pts)

      Jump packs, 4x Palatine Warrior, 4x Power Sword, Sonic Shriekers

      • Palatine Prefector

        Power Sword

  • Fast Attack (205pts)

    • Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron (75pts)

      • Legion Javelin Attack Speeder

        Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon

    • Legion Land Speeder Squadron (65pts)

      • Legion Land Speeder

        Graviton Gun, Multi-melta

    • Legion Land Speeder Squadron (65pts)

      • Legion Land Speeder

        Graviton Gun, Multi-melta

  • Heavy Support (540pts)

    • Legion Fire Raptor Gunship (230pts)

      Four Hellstrike Missiles, Reaper Autocannon battery

    • Legion Heavy Support Squad (310pts)

      Flak Missiles, 8x Legion Space Marines, Missile Launchers

  • Legion

    • Legion Astartes

      III: Emperor’s Children, Traitor


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Do you have some other tips? This is nearly everything I have. I have Fulgrim and five Phoenix Terminators, too. But I am missing a mobile transport for them.