Eidolon and Fire Raptor finished


Fulgrim WIP – P250 Mai+June


As i wrote in the other article i can’t wait to paint Fulgrim. I will update this post everytime I finished something on him with many many pictures and description what I was doing.

19. Mai 

So today I started to paint his base. I used Astroganite to prime the whole stone and sand section of the base to make it look similar to my other bases. Then I shaded the stones with Agrax Earthshade and the sand sections with Nuln Oil. For the bases from my normal Marines I use Nuln Oil so I thought it would be good to use it on Fulgrims base, too. To give the stone a little different look I used another shade for it.

After everything was dry I brushed the stones with Dawnstone. Afterwards I brushed very carefully everything with White Scar to give it a much better contrast.

I painted the base colours on every parts. The purple is Xereus Purple, the gold Balthasar Gold, the silver Leadbelcher and the skull Karak Stone.

As the next step I shaded the gold and the skulls with Agrax Earthshade, the silver staff with Nuln Oil and the purple part with Druchii Violet. Then I brushed Ushnati Bone over the skulls and painted the edges of the gold with Gehenna’s Gold.

I painted the little dots on the broken shield and the staff with Gehenna’s Gold, too.

The edges of the purple were highlighted with Genestealer Purple and the skulls are highlighted with Screaming Scull.

In the end I highlighted the staff with Necron Compound and dabbed some little battle damage over the armour part and shield. In the end I dabbed Typhus Corrosion over the damaged edges and on the base at the sand parts.

Tomorrow in the evening if the weather is good for spraying I will spray Fulgrim with the Corax White Spray to make painting the white parts of him much easier.


20. Mai

I sprayed him with Corax White Spray and started to paint the purple parts with Xereus Purple. It needed a long time trying not to paint the going to stay white parts. So the first thin layer is done.

Heavy Bolter Support Squad – P250 May


I finished the first half of my May project, the heavy Bolter squad.

But the second half I won’t paint this month. A voice in my head is talking to me to start painting Fulgrim. He was staring at me the whole time while painting and was jealous that he had to wait. But not any longer. I started him for the second half of may and the whole June.

Painting Challenge 2017 (P250)


I joined a painting challenge on Facebook this month. The challenge is to paint about 250 points per month, starting officially in April, but we can start in march. So here is my painting challenge, to get my Emperors Children army finished. If one block is finished earlier we can start the next. But i think I will paint some other stuff like in the last photo that didn’t get a place. I don’t know when the challenge ends, so I put Fulgrim in the end in October when maybe his Primarch Novel will be released based on rumours.


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I used the base points of a unit to calculate the points of one block. If there are for example three models out of a base of five in a group I multiplied the base points by 3/5.

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