Warptalons and Lucius done – P250 March


I finished my five Warptalons today and started Lucius. 

So far his clothes between his legs are finished. I used Screamer Pink as a foundation on the whole model and brushed it with Screamer Pink and Pink Horror. 

Then I painted Khorne Red on the clothes and left out the deepest parts. Afterwards I used Mephiston Red for the first accents. Then I shaded it with Druchii Violet and painted it again with Mephiston Red. In the end I used Evil Sunz Scarlet to paint only the edges. 

I started to paint the armour  gold with Screaming Bell and the faces on his armour with Mournfang Brown. Afterwards I brushed accents on it with Sarah Brown

And this is Lucius:


Painting Challenge 2017 (P250)


I joined a painting challenge on Facebook this month. The challenge is to paint about 250 points per month, starting officially in April, but we can start in march. So here is my painting challenge, to get my Emperors Children army finished. If one block is finished earlier we can start the next. But i think I will paint some other stuff like in the last photo that didn’t get a place. I don’t know when the challenge ends, so I put Fulgrim in the end in October when maybe his Primarch Novel will be released based on rumours.


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I used the base points of a unit to calculate the points of one block. If there are for example three models out of a base of five in a group I multiplied the base points by 3/5.

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Praetor “Lothreal Sabine” and Herald “César”


I started to paint two of my HQs. Both are from the MKIV Command Set from Forgeworld.

I started with a foundation of Mechanicus Standard Grey. Afterwards I used Ulthuan Grey. The grey colors makes it easier for the white to shine. With only the white on the black primer I always have black spots in the white. The next steps are about four thin layers of Ceramite White followed by thre thin layers of White Scar. 

The banner will get the left decal in the end. I hope I can put it on well. The other will found another bearer. 😉

What I still need to paint


I have way too much minis unpainted. But nearly all of them are build.

Here is my To-Do List in the actual order I am going to paint them:



  1. Hellflayer of Slaanesh (1) – WIP
  2. Seekers of Slaanesh (5) – WIP
  3. Keeper of Secrets

Horus Heresy 

  1. Eidolon – WIP
  2. Phoenix Terminatoren (4)
  3. Paladine Blades (7)
  4. Plasma (5)
  5. Flamer (5)
  6. Melter (7)
  7. Breacher (10)
  8. Sergeants (3)
  9. Raketen (10)
  10. Landspeeder
  11. Assault Landspeeder
  12. Fire Raptor
  13. Fulgrim
  14. some HQs (6) – 2 WIP
  15. Raketen (10)
  16. Hathor Maat (Librarian)

Imperial Knights

  1. Phoenix’ Pride
  2. Flame of the Phoenix

Warhammer 40k:

  1. Warhound Titan (one Weapon) – WIP
  2. Fabius Bile
  3. Raptors (2×5)
  4. Geissel
  5. Landraider
  6. Terminators (2×5)
  7. 2 Chaosbruten
  8. some Marines (10)
  9. 3 Kyborgs
  10. many many cultists