Started a new army and a new system


I have just started an Age of Sigmar army to play in the summer campain and to play some small sqirmishes. And of course it has to do with Chaos and Slaanesh. So I choses Chaos Daemons as my army. With the new round bases it is possible to play this army in both systems.

So I bought a packet of Daemonettes and started right away. It was a new experience, because the models for AoS are much mor filigrane than the big Marines. I finished cutting them out of their sprue and glued them together in 1,5h and primed then after the glue was dry.

I bought two new colours. Daemonette Hide and Slaanesh Grey. I want a easy, fast painted but good looking colour sheme for my models, so I chosed this one:

Prime everything with Daemonette Hide (try not to paint over the clothes/armor.) Brush with Slaanesh Grey. Repaint the clothes, that get some of the other colours, with Abaddon Black. Brush the clothes lightly with Runefang Steel. Paint the hair with Xereus Purple and brush it afterwards with Genestealer Purple. Then I painted the eyes with Skarsnik Green and the neglace and symbols with Gehenna’s Gold. In the end I washed the whole model with Druchii Violet.

And this is the result (I feel sorry for the bad pics, my mobile phone is broken, so I have to use my old one. The camera is not so good. iPhone 5s -> iPhone 4s):


Here is a close up of some daemonettes. The Allures on the left, the hornblower in the middle and my banner carrier on the right. The bases still need to be done.


I ordered a Herald of Slaanesh to get a small hero for my daemonettes. Then i remembered, that I have a Daemon Prince at home, that is not yet painted. So these are the next modells to be painted. And with this army I have an aim: only buy new models when the rest is painted. But what will I get next is the big question. Should I add ten more Daemonettes, a five men squad of Seekers of Slaanesh,  a Fiend of Slaanesh or one Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh? I will buy the model with the highest number of votes. Afterwards I will start a new survey with the same models (in case the Chariot win the first without it) It would also be great if you can comment with tips and what should I get next. I want to play this army in 40k, too, but only with Slaanesh models. Maybe I will use Khorne Daemonkin but use Slaanesh models, that create “Passion-Points”.

Here is the survey about what buying next: