Eidolon and Fire Raptor finished


Heavy Bolter Support Squad – P250 May


I finished the first half of my May project, the heavy Bolter squad.

But the second half I won’t paint this month. A voice in my head is talking to me to start painting Fulgrim. He was staring at me the whole time while painting and was jealous that he had to wait. But not any longer. I started him for the second half of may and the whole June.

My complete EC Horus Heresy army!


Today I placed all of my HH Marines on a table and took some pictures. 

Together they are about 6000 points worth. Some of them are painted, some needs an other base color, some are in the painting process and some are just primed. But have a look!

I am thinking about reprinting my unfinished Fire Raptor to match the other colours. But this will be the last thing on the list. 

Heavy Support and some new HQs


I have some Updates (new Units) for my Horus Heresy army. It is a Heavy Support Squad with 9 rocket launchers, a Legion Champion and a Master of Signal.

I built them today, undercoated them with Chaos Black Spray and give them the first layer of Xereus Purple.

At Saturday I will have a game and are going to try the 9 men squad with my Master of Signal to boost them to BS5. I dont know the points yet, but I think it will be 2500 pts. I will do my best to write a battlereport for you with many pictures. It will be posted here: My army list