WIP Hellflayer of Slaanesh


I started painting the hellflayer. 

First I primed the chariot with Leadbelcher. When the color was fully dried out I washed it with Druchii Violet. It didn’t look enough unreal and the highlights werent visible. So I brushed it with Necron Compound. Afterwards I washed it again. 

I think it is now looking like metal out of the warp. A bit shiny with a purple glimmer. 


First Hellflayer of Slaanesh


Today I built my first Hellflayer of Slaanesh that I got for Christmas. The spikes pierced my finger. Slaanesh would approve. 

I glued the steeds on the base. I will paint them first, afterwards the hellflayer. And last I will paint the daemonettes and glue the leader on the hellflayer. Both with the whips I will stick with magnets on the steeds to make the transport easier. 

Tomorrow I will prime everything and start painting.