Praetor “Lothreal Sabine” and Herald “César”- Finished


The next two HQs are finished painting. (The base still needs a shade and a brush with white)

I love this dark purple with the darker gold in contrast to this bright white. 


Praetor “Lothreal Sabine” and Herald “César”


I started to paint two of my HQs. Both are from the MKIV Command Set from Forgeworld.

I started with a foundation of Mechanicus Standard Grey. Afterwards I used Ulthuan Grey. The grey colors makes it easier for the white to shine. With only the white on the black primer I always have black spots in the white. The next steps are about four thin layers of Ceramite White followed by thre thin layers of White Scar. 

The banner will get the left decal in the end. I hope I can put it on well. The other will found another bearer. 😉