Progress on my Seekers of Slaanesh


Nearly as promised I started my Seekers but haven’t finished them yet. At the moment the Skin is done but the rest not. 

I drilled holes in the settles of the Seekers and in the butt of the daemonettes to glue small magnets in the hole. With these magnets the daemonettes won’t fall off during a game. 
Here are two pics:


Herold of Slaanesh


I finished my Herold of Slaanesh. I put she on a 32mm Base, because she is a hero and should be seen as one.

Coming to my next models in this project: The survey was: (1) for Daemonettes, (1) for Seeker, (1) for Fiend. So I choose to get a Seeker of Slaanesh. I built them and at the moment they are only undercoated.

Yesterday I ordered a Keeper of Secrets. It will arrive next week on Thursday, but I am on holiday then. So I will get it at my local store on Tuesday. Till then the Seekers will be done.